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This is a header sweep, built and manufactured by Goodwin Industries of Burns, KS. The header sweep is designed for easy installation and removal which normally is done with four stud bolts and two clamps for secure mounting. The header operates quietly and smoothly.

This product has been designed to keep the center four rows (more with the installation of an extension kit) of a corn header or a row crop header clean of broken stalks, and dry leaf build-up. This will allow the outside rows to follow in which in turn eliminates dangerous and dirty manual clean out.

The header sweep uses a hydraulic reel speed control for variable speed adjustment. Each drag arm is connected to a spring bar which allows for tension release when necessary. Also, by using a “v” belt drive, slippage is possible when needed.

This product has been developed and proven by Kansas corn farmers over a several year period. There is also an extension kit, that adds on to the basic sweep, which has just the middle three. With the extension kit, you can keep the outer end of the header clean. For more information, contact:

Goodwin Industries, Inc.
215 West Broadway
Burns, KS, 66840

Or by phone:

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